CAMS EvOlution (CAMEO)

The CAMS EvOlution (CAMEO) project will enhance the quality and efficiency of the CAMS service and help CAMS to better respond to policy needs such as air pollutant and greenhouse gases monitoring, the fulfilment of sustainable development goals, and sustainable and clean energy.

CAMEO will prepare CAMS for the uptake of upcoming satellite data, advance the data assimilation (DA) and inversion capacity of the global and regional CAMS production systems beyond the state-of-the-art and develop methods to provide novel uncertainty estimates for CAMS products in direct response to some of the main outstanding expressed user requirements. CAMEO will contribute to the medium- to long-term evolution of the CAMS production systems and products. The transfer of developments from CAMEO into subsequent improvements of CAMS operational service elements will be a main driver for the project.

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